We face an unprecedented moment in history. With economic insecurity on the rise, mental health is at a crisis. While we need relief we are not paying attention to the most vulnerable among us. That includes our police officers who are continually protecting us on a daily basis and who are facing their own mental health epidemic.

Hope Honor Heal was started to help heal the mental and psychological wounds affecting our law enforcement officers and our impoverished communities.

As protests continue to sweep across the country, we need a solution to protect the vulnerable today.  

Sign the petition today to request that funding for mental health services for our police officers and our communities. Providing relief is crucial to ensuring we honor the commitments of our law enforcement officers and those facing undue hardships.

Sign today and make sure the stimulus provides relief.

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Mental Illness Is
Tearing Us Apart

Hope Honor Heal is a movement.

We are dedicated to repairing the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they protect.

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Make sure the Stimulus Bill provides
Mental Health Funding.